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Guilin is known as a world-famous tourism hub as well as a national historical and cultural city. Guilin’s natural landscape and cultural history radiate the kind of beauty that helps separate it from others in the country. A distinctive karst landmass is the reason behind Guilin’s fabulous landscape that is characterized by green mountains and crystal-clear waters. Guilin has a moderate monsoon-influenced subtropical climate with mild winters and humid summers. The combination of jaw-dropping natural beauty and ethnic minority customs make Guilin a city unlike any other in China.  


1932 年,广西师范大学前身广西省立师范专科学校在雁山园建校,著名教育家杨东莼为首任校长。如今,广西师范大学已有八十多年的办学历史,人文底蕴深厚。 秉承 “尊师重道,敬业乐群” 的校训,学校引领服务广西基础教育,充分发挥了广西教师教育的龙头作用,培养了各类师资和社会所需人才。


In 1932, Guangxi Province-owned Teacher Vocational College – the predecessor of Guangxi Normal University – was founded with Yang Dongchun, a famous educator, as its president. Boasting a history of over 80 years, Guangxi Normal University has a profoundly rich cultural heritage. Adhering to the concept of “honoring teachers, respecting teaching, and devotion to and enjoyment of teamwork”, Guangxi Normal University plays a leading role in teacher education and cultivating talents for all kinds of teachers to meet the requirements of society.  




Guangxi Normal University is comprised of 3 separate campuses: Wangcheng Campus, Yucai Campus, and Yanshan Campus. Located in Solitary Beauty Peak Jingjiang Prince City scenic spot beside Liangjiang River, Wangcheng Campus is the only university campus in the country cited as a 5-A tourist spot with a history of over 640 years. Yanshan Campus is a new campus that is home to modern athletic fields, well-equipped classrooms, and state-of-the-art laboratories. 

学校重视师资队伍建设,拥有一支结构合理、素质优良的师资队伍。现有专任教师1535人,其中具有教授、副教授职称805人。学科门类齐全、办学特色鲜明, 开设备受国际学生欢迎的汉语、旅游管理、经济学、管理学、艺术设计、计算机科学等本科、硕士以及博士专业。


Guangxi Normal University attaches great importance to faculty development and this has resulted in a team of teachers with excellent quality. There are 1,535 full-time teachers, including 805 professors and associate professors. Guangxi Normal University is also known for its complete range of academic disciplines. The majors for bachelor’s education, master’s education, and doctoral education include Chinese language, tourism management, economics, business management, art and design, and computer science that are especially popular among international students. 

留学广西师范大学的学费、住宿费、生活费等与国内高校相比是十分优惠的,成绩优异的国际学生还可申请 “中国政府奖学金”、 “孔子学院奖学金”、广西政府“东盟奖学金”。


The tuition, accommodation costs, and living expenses available at Guangxi Normal University are quite favorable compared with other domestic colleges and universities for international students. In addition, Guangxi Normal University also has the authority to receive the very best international students under the “Chinese Government Scholarship”, the “Confucius Institute Scholarship” and the “ASEAN Scholarship” by the Guangxi Government.

学生公寓卫生整洁,环境安静宜人。每间学生公寓都安装电话、空调、有线电视、INTERNET 接口、独立卫生间。宿舍一楼即可提供就餐、咖啡休闲以及常用物品的购置等贴心服务。


Student apartments are clean and tidy and each apartment is equipped with a telephone, air-conditioner, cable TV, Internet and a private bathroom. There are numerous restaurants, cafes and convenience stores on-campus, making student-life all the more enjoyable and comfortable.


学校重视国际学生欢度本国的重要节日,如宋干节、圣诞节、万圣节等。 国际文化教育学院和大学生国际交流协会定期举办丰富多彩的活动,增强了中外学生的互动交流,促进国际学生的身心健康成长。

Guangxi Normal University pays high attention to celebrating foreign festivals such as Songkran, Christmas, and Halloween for the international students. The College of International Culture and Education and the Students’ International Communication Association regularly hold a variety of activities to enhance interaction between Chinese and foreign students. 



Guangxi Normal University attaches great importance to the quality of education of its students. Focusing on the goal of attaining all-round student development in morality and intelligence, a series of cultural, recreational and physical activities are organized to create a harmonious atmosphere for cross-cultural exchange between Chinese and foreign students. Among these, the “International Cultural Festival” and the “Foreign Language Karaoke Contest” are campus favorites. Guangxi Normal University is home to impeccable sports and cultural facilities, including a football field, tennis courts, badminton courts, swimming pools, piano rooms, and a dance studio, to name just a few.





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